Span Associates
Advocates, Notaries & Legal Consultants

Sample list of clients:

  1. Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd., (Govt. of India utg)
  2. Renco Technologies Private Ltd., (Renewenergy Tech U.K group)
  3. Zen Data Services Pvt. Ltd.,
  4. Arjun Amaravathi Chits (P) Ltd., (NBFC)
  5. Jai Bharath Charitable Trust. (Educational Trust)
  6. Priya Promoters (Property development)
  7. Youngman Group (Property development & interiors)
  8. Hydraulic Accessories & Spares Pvt.Ltd., (Diesel engines)
  9. SSS Energie Management Services (Power)
  10. Sakthi Constructions (Construction industry)
  11. Quick Silver Courier Pvt.Ltd.,
  12. PDCA Paptec Pvt Ltd., (Paper industry)
  13. UMAC Auto Components Pvt.Ltd., (Automobile industry)
  14. Federal Express India (P) Ltd.,
  15. Maayapuri Constructions (P) Ltd., (Property development)
  16. IJM Concrete Products (P) Ltd.,
  17. Sai Builders (Properties)
  18. Total Fina Elf India Ltd., (Lubricants)
  19. Kurinji Constructions
  20. Ramesh Granites - Exporters
  21. Hindustan National Glass & Industries Ltd.,
  22. R T V Builders
  23. Dummies Communications
  24. Johnson Lifts Private Limited







The above list is not exhaustive but only represents work handled by the firm for some Corporate bodies.

The list does not purport to be used as a tool for solicitation. The list is only an expression of the bona fide of the firm.